Play Therapy

Play therapy is available for infants, toddlers and young children experiencing a variety of developmental and emotional challenges.  These may include high levels of anxiety, rigidity or unusual fears, disruptive, controlling or challenging behaviors, attachment issues, family or marital stress as well as atypical development.  Play therapy can be helpful even for very young children who do not yet have symbolic play skills.  Play can take many forms and I have extensive experience using sensory-motor based play to engage with children.  Sessions may include working with one or both parents with their child to support family relationships and additional sessions with only parents to discuss concerns and progress both in and out of therapy.  If you have concerns about your infant or child's overall development please call to discuss the possibility of therapy.  It is never too early to intervene. Developmental guidance can prevent or reduce much more significant social and behavioral challenges as chidlren age.

Autism Supports

I offer a variety of supports to children with autism or related delays and their families. This includes individual therapy for children and teens with autism focusing on social emotional delevopment through co-regulation.  I also meet with parents, family members or other providers to help design comprehensive supports and improve the quality of family life. Often when working with younger children, it is helpful for parents to participate in therapy sessions.

I am also available to do school observations and provide consultation with school or community based teams to ensure optimal programming for children who are receiving a variety of services.

Professional Development and Trainings

I can provide small or large group trainings, one time or ongoing, on a variety of topics related to early childhood development, infant mental health, trauma and autism.  As a Northen Lights Master Instructor, I am apporved to offer professional development to early education and afterschool program staff in Basic and Advanced Specialized Care.  In the past, I have presented for a variety of public schools, Head Start, VAEYC and center based preschool programs.

Clinical Supervision for Psychologists in Training

I enjoy working with students and early career professionals as they broaden their experience and expertise.  Clinical supervision toward Vermont Psychologist licensure involves learning through direct clinical interactions, reflective supervision and professional readings.  I am available for supervision to those working with children and families and have a relational and/or psychodynamic theoretical approach.