Our Philosophy


We use a developmentally based model emphasizing trust, mindfulness and intrinsic motivation. We believe every child can engage in personally meaningful collaborative "dances" with others. These dances may start simply but will grow into more sophisticated exchanges as children gain trust and confidence. Using the framework of guided participation, teachers create or join in dynamic activities with children while highlighting particular elements or themes. Children are encouraged to share their perceptions, reflect on the past, anticipate the future, enjoy novelty, take active roles and use flexible problem solving when faced with uncertainty. We incorporate mindfulness practices such as body and breath awareness to support self regulation and attention.

Our goal is to create these guiding relationships with each child as a foundation for their social and emotional development. First established with adults, these collaborative relationships can then be elaborated upon with peers. Our program offers ample physical space with a flexible schedule to allow each child the time they need to fully process and integrate their experiences. We also provide children with individualized sensory supports and understand the impact of multiple sensory sensitivities on learning.

We prioritize family involvement understanding that a healthy and balanced lifestyle supports the well being of each member. To that end we offer numerous ways for parents and siblings to be involved in the program. We have an open door policy and parents are welcome to observe their children anytime. We are also happy to collaborate with other professionals serving the children in our program.

We strive to stay current with the latest research in the fields of brain development and autism remediation and will introduce new practices as they become available to us. Below are the key theories and methods that guide our practices however, we make no claim to any official endorsement:  

The Sapphire Center staff are so welcoming to service providers like myself, as we collaborate around strategies and supports to meet the needs of young children on the autism spectrum.  They are  attentive and skilled in providing ongoing sensory supports to children throughout the day to help address their sensory processing challenges.  I have seen amazing progress in the areas of self/emotional regulation for these kiddos in such a short period of time, which then provides more opportunities for building relationships and learning self-care skills.  It is a pleasure to work with these amazing staff and children in such a caring environment.      

Sandy Bove OTR
Otter Creek Therapies